Programme coordination

Academic Board

Teaching and training activities are managed by the Academic Board, which include:

  • all professors and research fellows who are lead instructors for one or more courses,
  • student representatives on the Department Councils.

Each Academic Board elects a Chair from among its members.

Head of Study Programme

Each degree programme reports to its main and associated departments for:

  • planning, setting, and assessing learning objectives,
  • organizing teaching and training activities,
  • organizing support activities and services.

Each Department includes the following bodies: Council, Management, Board.

Faculty or school

Each Department is linked to a Faculty or School, whose Managing Committees:

  • ensure the general coordination of teaching activities and common services,
  • set the academic calendar,
  • propose launching new study programmes or terminating existing ones.
Faculty of Science and Technology

A strong presence since the founding of the University of Milan in 1924, the Faculty of Science and Technology coordinates the scientific degree programmes involving seven departments.