Careers and stakeholder

The main peculiar quality of ECGS graduates is their ability to tackle environmental change and sustainability in a multidisciplinary perspective. This ability benefits of advanced expertise in the hard- and life-science components of environmental studies as well as in their economic- and social-science components. In this context, five professional profiles ECGS graduates can achieve are listed below:
1. Environmental manager in agro-food, energy and green economy companies as well as in other companies in the industrial and service sectors;
2. Environmental specialist in the public administration as well as in local governments;
3. Environmental specialist in supra and international bodies as well as in national and international non-governmental organizations.
4. Specialist in environmental impact studies and strategic environmental assessments;
5. Specialist in environmental analysis and monitoring.

Further employment opportunities of ECGS graduates concern research positions at universities and research institutions as well as teaching at the secondary school level.

Employment statistics (Almalaurea)

The programme interacts with local, national and international stakeholders, such as professional organizations, manufacturing companies and service providers.